Breakfast is one of the four meals in the routine of any person and unlike what happens with any of the other three meals (lunch, tea and dinner), breakfast is strongly driven by all professionals, nutritionists and doctors for being considered the most important meal of the day, at which the person obtains energy and vitamins that will serve you for the whole day.

Coffee is part of the culture of all Chileans, and their consumption is growing significantly every year.

Picnik = Quality

Coffee is a natural product that can help prevent some diseases and help maintain memory as and increase physical and mental performance. Moderate consumption of this tea is “recommended for health” and can prevent neurodegenerative diseases or even help as protective against type 2 diabetes, delaying the development of Parkinson’s disease and helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. Moreover, coffee contains four times more beneficial components for health than other drinks of natural origin, for the large amount of antioxidants that can influence the delay of the aging process.

In addition, a couple of cups of coffee a day helps keep the concentration and agility of mind (source:

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